5 Feminist Demands She Wants You to Ignore?

“While the notion of the sexy feminist isn’t completely false, you need to be aware of those pesky feminist demands that even the most independent of women is expecting you to ignore. Why don’t women just tell you what they want, you ask? Silly rabbit, then they wouldn’t be women!”

Today I stumbled across a “health” article on FoxNews.com teaching men how to negotiate dating a “modern feminist.” The author (who is conveniently anonymous) acknowledges the benefits of dating a modern feminist– less clingy, has her own money– but also the disadvantages of navigating a woman who is a “complete contradiction.”

Here’s the list of demands that we heterosexual feminists apparently don’t want our partners to follow:

1. “I can carry my own bag.”

2. “Don’t objectify me!”

3. “I’ll pay my share.”

4. “I can think for myself!”

5. “I won’t be shackled into marriage.”

Overall, the author’s premise is that feminists– and all women, for that matter– are contradictory. While we say we want equality and independence, we actually want men to buy us chocolates and tell us how pretty we are. Read the entirety of this anti-feminist column at: FoxNews.com.



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