Street Harassment and How We Can Respond

While the WRC does not advocate for violence in any context, we’re impressed by the overwhelmingly support in response to this post about street harassment. The post, entitled “Why I Punched a Stranger” summarizes two years of verbal harassment in one swift movement of an arm.

Allison writes:

“I’m sharing this story because I want my male friends and allies to be aware that street harassment is an everyday occurrence, it feels awful, and you can and should stand up to it. I’m sharing this story because even though the whole event shook me up and made me sad and angry, it’s empowering to use my voice to share that I physically challenged rape culture.”

Male, female or trans; gay, straight, bi or queer, NO ONE deserves to be made uncomfortable walking down the street. If you’re experiencing problems with street harassment, please come see us at the WRC. We’d love to help before things get physical.


One Response

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