The Anatomy of Hate: Film Review

Yesterday we had the privilege of attending a screening of The Anatomy of Hate, a documentary that analyzes and questions the “shared narratives” of hate. In other words, this film shows multiple perspectives of hate– from the Westboro Baptist Church to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict– and deconstructs that hate, showing the audience how hate prevents us from recognizing our “enemies” as human beings and therefore attempting to solve our conflicts.

The screening was attended by filmmaker Mike Ramsdell and one of the film’s subjects Kerry Noble. Noble, a former Klan member, was particularly moving in his recollection of his experiences of hate. In 1980, he almost bombed a gay church, only to recognize the humanity of the people in the church and change his mind at the last minute.

Of course, no movie is perfect. An audience member pointed out its American-centrism after the screening, in terms of subject matter. However, the filmmaker clearly attempted to include a variety of view points and different conflicts from around the globe into his analysis. Despite this small criticism, we wholeheartedly enjoyed this film and recommend it to you!


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