Higher Wages for Tipped Workers?

Did you know that an employee may legally be paid below minimum wage if they work in a position expected to get tips? The sub-minimum wage, which applies to tipped employees (defined as anyone who makes more than $30 in tips per month) is as low as $2.13 at the federal level. Backers of this policy argue that with tips included, the employee’s overall earnings should average out to above minimum wage. If not, bosses are legally required to make up the difference. However, at least 30% don’t and many employees aren’t aware of this law.  

Adding complexity to the issue, an overwhelming 72.9% of tipped employees are women. Furthermore, women waiters statistically make less than male waiters, as more women wait in cheaper restaurants– which mean smaller bills and small tips. 

We believe that all tipped employees deserve better wages. Furthermore, we believe that women’s higher presence in the tipped employee field is even more reason to reform the sub-minimum wage. Women still make only 78 cents to every male dollar– addressing the sub-minimum wage problem would help get women closer to 100 cents!

What do you think?


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