The Good and the Bad of the Grammy’s

With a female artist winning album of the year, record of the year AND song of the year (Adele of course!), the 54th annual Grammy Awards had a powerful female showing. 

Unfortunately, we’re having a hard time enjoying much of anything about the Grammy’s because Chris Brown was invited to perform. For those who’ve lost track, this year’s ceremony marks the third anniversary of the very public intimate abuse of then-girlfriend Rhianna (read the details here, if you missed it). 

Is three years long enough to forgive and forget? Should the music community ever forgive Chris Brown? While we think assault– especially on a significant other– is never forgivable. Unfortunately much of pop society thinks otherwise. 

Yet even more upsetting than the Grammy’s ‘overlooking’ of Brown’s past this year were the viewers’ reactions to his presence. BuzzFeed reports on over two dozen tweets from viewers who condone Brown’s violent history. Samples include “I’d let Chris Brown beat me up anytime ;)” and “Chris Brown could serenade me and then punch me in the eye. I’m down for it.” 

Seriously!? We are just baffled that so many fans not only don’t care that Brown has a history of abuse, but actually are supportive of it. Is talent and fame really more important than a loving, caring partner? What kind of values is society teaching us by so quickly forgiving Brown’s abusive behavior?


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