“My Love… My Friend…” Workshop

The Phoenix Center at Auraria is offering a free workshop for friends and family member of survivors of interpersonal violence on Friday April 27th from 9am to 1pm. The “My Love . . . My Friend” workshop was developed to meet the needs of survivors by helping prepare their friends and loved ones to become positive forces in their lives. It is devised to help survivors’ loved ones to develop the skills it takes to become understanding and caring supporters for their loved ones, who have been hurt due to interpersonal violence. It can be scary being a support person to someone who has survived interpersonal violence and we don’t automatically have a toolkit to manage this. Educating those individuals who are closest to the survivors will provide the survivors with the support systems they need as they begin their journey to heal. Support systems are an extremely important component in the healing process. It is important to the survivors to know that there are people in their lives who they can trust to believe their story and support their efforts. Education is an important tool in helping to circumvent the rise of interpersonal violence.

Registration is free to UCD and CCD students, staff and faculty. Please call the Phoenix Center at Auraria (303-556-6011) to sign up by this Thursday, April 26th.


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