Trans Rights in Argentina

If you haven’t heard the good news yet, this just in: Argentinians now have the legal right to sex and gender reassignment.

Any Argentinian adult may easily change their gender identity and name on official documents without any questions asked. No physical changes are required for one to change his or her gender identity. (Anyone under the age of 18 must get permission from their parents.) Furthermore, both sex-change operations and hormone therapy will be covered by insurance plans at no additional charge. 

“There are many people in our country who also deserve the power to exist,” Senator Osvaldo Lopez said.

Argentina now stands as the most progressive country in the world in terms of gender identity issues, but many hope that other countries (such as our own) will not be too far behind. Most likely the issue of same-sex marriage will need to be resolved before legislators will be ready to move on to issues of trans rights. Argentina legalized gay marriage two years ago; currently only six states and the District of Columbia allow gay marriage in the United States. 

Do you think other countries will follow Argentina’s example?


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