Sex Education in Mumbai

Photo by Neha Thirani for The New York Times

Growing up as the daughter of a sex worker in Mumbai’s red light district, Aparna Bhola dreamt of becoming a gynecologist. Watching her mother and other neighborhood women be routinely denied medical care because of the stigma of prostitution, she realized the need for better reproductive health services– including sex education.

Now she’s finishing her last year of school and has teamed up with a local NGO Kranti (which translates to ‘revolution’) to educate local teenagers about sex. She speaks candidly with girls who would otherwise have no means to learn about sex, pregnancy and more.

“‘What all do we need for life?’ she asks the group of 15 teenage girls. ‘Food, air, water, but also sex. It is a natural instinct and something that brings us happiness.'”

Read more about Aparna’s journey and dreams in this great profile from the New York Times global edition here.


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