Women in Non-profits have Lower Salary Expectations

According to a recent Chronicle survey, young workers in the non-profit sector have vastly different salary expectations by gender. This comes in addition to the gender pay gap which is realized in the non-profit sector as well as across the workforce as a whole.

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Women early in their non-profit careers are seen to earn less than their male counterparts overall. (That’s not to say that some women do earn more than their male counterparts, but that the overall trend shows men occupying the higher earning positions on the graph). This translates to salary expectations, as seen in the second graph. Women are much less likely to aspire to a high salary than men in the same sector with similar levels of experience.


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What causes this discrepancy? Well, a lower current salary is certainly a factor. As is salary negotiation: aggression is not a stereotypically feminine trait, meaning that women are often at a disadvantage when it comes to negotiating– especially against a male superior. We also think self-esteem is a big issue here. Women are more prone to undervaluing themselves and their work because society still does.

Do you agree with these factors? Can you think of other reasons women may have lower salary aspirations? What can we do to encourage women to aim higher?


Local Cake Shop Refuses to Bake for Gay Couple

ImageDave and Charlie are getting married this September– legally in the state of Massachusetts. They’re also planning a reception for friends and family in Denver shortly thereafter. They decided to go with a rainbow-layered wedding cake for the party…

but Lakewood’s Masterpiece Cakeshop refused to make the cake! Owner Jack Phillips stated that they don’t make cakes for “illegal” ceremonies such as a celebration of commitment between two men who love each other.

Currently an online petition is circulating in support of Dave and Charlie. The petition will be delivered to Phillips once it reaches its goal of 1000 signatures. Additionally, the store’s Yelp page has received a lot of comments in the past few days from both sides of the conflict.

Do you think the store had the right to refuse to serve Dave and Charlie because they are gay? Or should businesses be open to all customers no matter what?

Chick-fil-a Donated Nearly $2 million to Anti-Gay Groups in 2009

Chick-fil-a’s 2009 IRS forms have recently come under public scrutiny as EqualityMatters.org outed them for donating to anti-gay organizations. These organizations include the Marriage and Family Legacy Fund, Focus on the Family and other “family-values” organizations (read: anti-gay marriage).  These forms are the most recent to be made publicly available.

The LGBTQ community and their many, many allies have expressed enormous outrage since the news broke. Protests and boycotts of Chick-fil-a restaurants are taking place across the country.

Will you be refraining from eating at Chick-fil-a because of this news? What role do you think consumers should play when an organization voices an unpopular or controversial opinion?


Read more about Chick-fil-a’s anti-gay donations and how the president of the company has responded here.

Planned Parenthood Youth Organizing and Policy Institute


In response to a hostile political climate against women on both national and local levels, Planned Parenthood is hosting a series of trainings for 18-24 year olds. Lucky for us, one of these trainings is taking place right here in Denver!

The Denver Youth Organizing and Policy Institute (YOPI) will be August 17th-19th. You’ll learn leadership skills as well as skills to help support Planned Parenthood against the challenges in faces right here in Colorado. Of course, you’ll also make new friends and professional contacts! 

Interested? Learn more about the event here. If you’re ready to sign up, click here

Unlearning the “Trapped” Narrative

One of the most commonly employed media tactics in describing what it means to be transgender is the “trapped” narrative. This overused conversation boils down to the trans person feeling “trapped inside the wrong body.” Janet Mock, a well-known trans activist, disagrees with this rhetoric, arguing that it oversimplifies trans struggles and makes them easier to digest for the masses.

She’s not alone. Another prominent trans activist, Sass Rogando Sasot recently said: “I am not trapped by my body. I am trapped by your beliefs. And I want to reclaim this body from those who want it to breathe and be fed by their dogmas.”

Especially for those of us who identify as cisgender (meaning our biological sex and the gender we identify as correlate), it is important not to paint trans folks into a box. Each and every person’s journey and experience is different. They deserve our respect through acknowledging their individuality and not trapping them in a convenient, oversimplified narrative. 

Read the rest of Janet Mock’s thoughtful piece on this subject here.

Massachusetts Supports Transgender Rights!


The Massachusetts Transgender Equal Rights Act went into effect  yesterday, July 1st, making the bay state the 16th in the country to protect transgender rights.

The law “bars discrimination in employment, housing, education, and lending” as well as allows prosecutors to try attacks on transgender persons as hate crimes.

This law means a lot in terms of recognizing and supporting transgender persons in the state of Massachusetts– a population of an estimated 33,000. We hope the other 34 states catch up soon!

You can read the Boston Globe article here.