Unlearning the “Trapped” Narrative

One of the most commonly employed media tactics in describing what it means to be transgender is the “trapped” narrative. This overused conversation boils down to the trans person feeling “trapped inside the wrong body.” Janet Mock, a well-known trans activist, disagrees with this rhetoric, arguing that it oversimplifies trans struggles and makes them easier to digest for the masses.

She’s not alone. Another prominent trans activist, Sass Rogando Sasot recently said: “I am not trapped by my body. I am trapped by your beliefs. And I want to reclaim this body from those who want it to breathe and be fed by their dogmas.”

Especially for those of us who identify as cisgender (meaning our biological sex and the gender we identify as correlate), it is important not to paint trans folks into a box. Each and every person’s journey and experience is different. They deserve our respect through acknowledging their individuality and not trapping them in a convenient, oversimplified narrative. 

Read the rest of Janet Mock’s thoughtful piece on this subject here.


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