Volunteer Post: Who Won the First Presidential Debate?

Last wednesday, America was glued to their televisions watching the political responses between the candidates and partaking in drinking games. Or if you live in Denver, you were stuck with the craziness of roads and public transportation being shut down.

Let us compare the two candidates:

From the start, Mitt Romney was poised as very confident, energetic, and ready to rock the debate. He knew his comment on the 47% had greatly impacted his public image and so set out to dispute the charges. Romney talked about his concerns for the middle class and how he could help them while bashing Obama why his policies have not worked. He placed further emphasis on his stance by bringing in examples of Americans that he had talked to. However, it seemed as if Romney spent his time concentrated on Obama, rather than speaking to the audience.

On the other hand, Obama seemed calm and taking more time to work through statements. Obama seemed like he was on the defensive as he pushed his policies of economic growth and taxes. He kept emphasizing Romney’s $5 trillion tax cut plan. There were various opportunities for him to attack Romney’s policies further but he chose not to do so. One of Obama’s best comments of the night was,”I’ve got to tell you, Governor Romney, when it comes to his own party during the course of this campaign, has not displayed that willingness to say no to some of the more extreme parts of his party.” On the bright side, Obama seemed to be talking to the American people rather than to Romney.

General consensus across the web shows that Romney won this debate, though there is little agreement on how much that matters. Interestingly, even though this debate centered on domestic policy: equal pay, same sex marriage, student loan debt, and immigration was never once brought up! What do you think about this?