Review: On-Campus Gynecological Exam

I’ve had a number of gynecological exams in my life, by a number of different health professionals. It’s amazing how different the exact same procedure can be, depending on who’s performing it! 

Case in point: I recently had my annual gynecological exam at the Auraria Health Center for the first time. Nothing was bothering me; it was just time to renew my birth control prescription. 

In the past, I’ve had every experience from a cold, metal speculum ungraciously inserted by a doctor who was mentally already on her lunch break, to a more gentle doctor explaining the process in detail… while medical students looked on. Neither situation was ideal, which only added to that uncomfortable dread most woman feel before their pap smears.

My exam at Auraria Health Center was surprisingly, much more pleasant. My provider, a friendly nurse practitioner, not only thoroughly explained what she was doing, but also asked for my consent at each step. For such an invasive procedure, never before has my privacy and comfort been so genuinely valued by a healthcare professional! By giving me control to say yes or no to each new step of the exam, I was in charge of what was happening to my body. 


The nurse practitioner I saw also gave me this great punch-out breast exam reminder card (like the one pictured, right), and– perhaps most importantly– a new prescription of my birth control pills.

So while I’m not in a rush to get back in the stirrups, I find myself pleasantly surprised by my recent gynecological experience. If you’re due for a check up, or if you’ve never had one before, consider going on-campus. Click here to visit the Health Center’s website to learn more. 


P.S. I also learned today that young women who have never had an abnormal pap smear only need them once every three years! If you notice anything unusual, however, see your healthcare provider right away.