The Invisible War


According to the Department of Defense, 1 in 5 women were raped while serving in the US military in 2010. 20,000 men serving were sexually assaulted in the same year. These numbers climb higher considering the number of victims who do not report.

Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering explore this issue in their new documentary, The Invisible War. Every once and a while, a documentary comes around that incites real change and this film is one of them. It sheds light on an issue that people either did not know a lot about or chose to ignore.

Susan Burke, a lawyer for the organization Protect Our Defenders, helped expose the culture of sexual violence at Marine Barracks in Washington DC, a military base showcased in the documentary.  In March 2013 with Burke’s assistance, 8 women, 2 of whom were in the film, filed a lawsuit against senior officers at that base for tolerating an environment of sexual assault and silencing victims.

Two days after viewing the film, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced vital changes in the way in which reported rapes are investigated in the military. Panetta even told one of the film’s producers that watching the film was partly responsible for his decision.

The Invisible War is up for an Oscar for best documentary, and has already garnered several awards at various film festivals. Jonathan Hahn of the Los Angeles Review of Books, stated, “There are some works of writing or painting, speech, or film that do more than just stand as great works of art. They change things. They put before us something fundamentally wrong with the world — with the society we take for granted, with the institutions on which we depend and that in turn depend on us — and demand change. The Invisible War belongs in that pantheon, and is easily one of the most important films of the year.”

The Invisible War will be screen in the Tivoli Multicultural Lounge at 5pm on Monday, February 25th as a part of the Women’s Resource Center’s Movie Mondays series.


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