Announcing the WRC YouTube Channel!

The Women’s Resource Center is excited to announce their new YouTube channel!

Did you have class during an event you wished you could attend? The WRC will now be filming most of our events and putting them on YouTube as a way to further connect to students on campus.

Need a little bump in your research papers? Panel discussions from experts on a variety of topics may be just the thing that you need to give your paper or assignment an extra boost.

We will also post videos we find relevant to the WRC mission, as well as Movie Monday trailers.

Check out our channel here. We hope you enjoy the channel and are as excited as we are about exploring new ways to connect to you!


This is Street Harassment


It seems like everyone’s been talking about Hollaback!PHILLY’s amazing new anti-street harassment campaign, and for good reason. The group has purchased ad space on Philadelphia subway trains, posting signs expressing sentiments like:

“Nice a** is not a compliment”


“Catcalls, staring, whistling and following are street harassment.”

The campaign comes as part of International Anti-Street Harassment Week (April 7-13, 2013), a complementary subset of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Hollaback!PHILLY is a chapter of the international organization Hollaback!, which seeks to raise awareness about street harassment, promote productive conversations about street harassment, and make public spaces safer for everyone. Hollaback! has chapters in over 50 cities across the globe and has engaged hundreds of volunteers since its inception in 2011.

We’re sad to report that Denver doesn’t yet have its own chapter of Hollaback! However, keep your eyes peeled on campus next week; we’ll be posting some of our favorite anti-street harassment images to continue spreading awareness of what street harassment is and why it needs to stop!

Red Flag Campaign- Speak out Against Interpersonal Violence!

In 1 of 5 relationships, one of the partners experiences abuse.

The Red Flag campaign is a nationwide public awareness campaign that originated by college students, college sponsors, and community advocates in Virginia. This powerful campaign promotes the prevention of interpersonal violence through the use of bystander intervention. This campaign encourages students and community members to “say something” if they see warning signs, or “red flags,” of dating violence.

Auraria has been committed to this campaign for the last two years and is proud to announce its involvement again this year. On April 1st, hundreds of red flags went up on campus representing the number of individuals in the Auraria community who have been affected by interpersonal violence: 13,000.


On April 10th, the Red Flag Rally will take place from 12pm to 2pm in the Tivoli Commons. The schedule for the event is as follows:

  • 12:15-12:45pm: Live music by Wheelchair Sports Camp while folks gather for the campus march
  • 12:45-1:05pm: Campus march against violence featuring campus mascots and leaders
  • 1:05pm-2:00pm: Live music, spoken word, and slam poetry featuring Dominique Ashaheed, Danielle Brooks, and Suzi Q! Participants can also use their food truck vouchers now.

A key component of this campaign is to encourage others to say something and end the cycle of silence. Let’s end the violence together. We hope to see you at the rally, and remember to be LOUD!