Kids React to Gay Marriage Proposals…and it’s (Mostly) Very Positive


The Fine Brothers are very well known in the YouTube community. Their most well known videos surround the concept of showing children or teenagers viral videos and recording their reactions followed by a short question and answer session to go deeper into their reactions. This series, “Kids React”, has recently got some great attention (and was in fact promoted on The Huffington Post) due to a video they put up on November 3rd: “Kids React to Gay Marriage”.

And, might I say, the video is fantastic.

Or fabulous.


Yeah, definitely fabulous.

In any case, the video showcases the reactions of kids as they watch two admittedly over-the-top marriage proposals by gay couples (one male couple, one female couple). The kids seem a little confused at first, but it’s largely due to their confusion as to what’s happening, but when they realize that it’s a proposal the responses are priceless. There are a lot of things that are fascinating about this video, so indulge me as I share my love of it.

First, I think that it’s amazing that so many of the kids are 100% fine with the marriage of the couples themselves. In fact, not only are they perfectly happy with it, they have so many questions as to why it’s considered not okay and are outspoken about how nonsensical it is to attempt to restrict someone from marrying someone they love. It really shows how great a job people are doing in sharing equality and positive values with their children: so yay everyone!

Second, I think that they do a great job of showing even the children who have issues with the marriage…of which there are only a few. One of them changes her view mid-video as she thinks about it, but one of the others holds his opinion all the way through. The interesting thing about it that I found was that the child didn’t have any answers as to why he felt the way he did, and did not elaborate on any of the questions like the other children did.  So while there were children who disliked gay marriage, the lack of enthusiasm really indicates how little society is really saying negatively about the subject. I mean, if all they can say is “it’s wrong!” and move on, I really don’t see those against gay marriage saying much more than that.

I could go on and on, but I think I’ll just end with a few thoughts.

In a time where 5456% of Americans support Gay Marriage, 14 states allow gay marriage (with many others on their way to doing the same), and US congressmen are coming out as gay without apology, this reflection of what society thinks through the eyes of children is fantastic. I don’t think there can be anything better than children showing the positive reactions that society has for gay marriage…except perhaps more states not restricting gay marriage.

Yeah. In a perfect world…I can only hope we’re on our way to one after seeing a video like this. Hopefully, Colorado will be next (we’ve got some coverage, but not what we need!).

So, out of curiosity, what’s the best child response to gay marriage that you’ve seen? There are a fair amount to be found on the internet, but I’m also interested in first-hand accounts if you have them. I’d love to hear all about them!


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