Mizzou Protests

mizzou campus


The University of Missouri is less than 120 miles from Ferguson where protests erupted after the shooting death Michael Brown, an 18-year-old unarmed African American man.  The following racial unrest has been sighted as the catalyst for the current Mizzou student demonstrations.

  • University of Missouri was founded in 1839, but did not allow Black students admittance until 1950 after a 1949 vote in which 70% of the student population supported the inclusion of African Americans.
  • 1940-the University of Missouri asked that a Black football player from NYU not be allowed to participate in the game. Student protests soon broke out.
  • 1964-students fought to change the housing policy that required racial identification on housing applications.
  • 1968-the Legion of Black Collegians was founded to give Black students a voice.
  • 1960’s-Mizzou parades included songs that glorified slavery and students dressed in blackface as slaves.
  • 1980’s-The university was on the verge of losing federal funding due to a lack of desegregation. Black student enrollment was only at 3.5%.
  • 2005-Mizzou participated in a 10 school survey which found that almost 60% of minority students experienced racism or ethnically based harassment. The national average is 31%.

Mizzou protest 2

  • 2010-Two white students scatter cotton balls outside the campus Black Culture Center. The school’s student newspaper,The Maneater, quoted a school official as saying, “This incident was much more, in our view, than a childish prank.”
  • 2011-Celebrated Mizzou swimmer Sasha Menu Courey committed suicide after allegedly being raped 16 months prior. Mizzou never pursued the assault, which was allegedly at the hands of the university’s football players.
  • 2015-Associate Professor Cynthia Frisby wrote an article stating that she has been called the n-word by faculty at Mizzou & that students have refused to address her as “Dr.” because Black people are not smart enough to get a degree without affirmative action. Dr. Frisby has been at Mizzou enduring racism for over 18 years.
  • Nov. 2, 20015-graduate student Jonathon Butler goes on a hunger strike after students’ demands continued to be ignored by President Tim Wolfe.


  • MU football players decide to boycott all games and practices until President Wolfe resigns or is removed. The players’ decision is supported by their coach.
  • Nov. 9, 2015-President Tim Wolfe resigns.
  • Numerous other campuses stage protests in support of Mizzou and Black students.

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